Build Affiliate Marketing Blog – Step by Step Guide

“How to Build Affiliate Marketing Blog” will be useful for you who are an online marketing newbie who wants to attempt their luck with content creation. That’s great! I guess you currently understand that having your website and a blog site is crucial in today’s marketing truth.

Why is this so important to have a site or a blog site for affiliates?

The majority of business that present affiliate programs will anticipate you to provide your website or blog address prior to they let you join. Suppliers need it of you since they want to verify you as a marketer and make certain you measure up to their quality requirements.

So, if you do not have any affiliate site or affiliate blog site established yet, continue reading due to the fact that I am going to shed some light on this topic today.

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Where to start when you build Affiliate Marketing Blog

First things first. There are some technical choices to make like choosing the ideal material management system, hosting company, domain, site theme, and other essential details like specifying the appropriate information architecture of your site.

How to Build Affiliate Marketing Blog

Then, you need to determine exactly what style goes best with your material so the most essential copy is highlighted right and conversions are encouraged as much as fairly possible.

The best ways to pick your blogging platform

In the start, you need to comprise your mind about the blogging platform that will fit you finest. Inning accordance with this research study by Pingdom, the most popular blogging platform among the leading 100 blog sites by now is WordPress.

The chart above programs blogging platform usage by popularity in the United States. Over half of bloggers opt for WordPress. This is a strong choice I can support as a material developer. Currently, I’m dealing with CMS for our business blog site and I deploy for personal usage.

Surprising as it might seem, and are two completely various blogging platforms. Let me describe.

What’s the difference in between the and

How to Build Affiliate Marketing Blog

The “genuine WordPress” is the appellation of, and this is the platform you have actually heard many good things about. It’s open source and 100% free for anyone.

Nevertheless, is a bit more technically demanding since it’s self-hosted and you have to get the hosting service and the domain name by yourself and in shape into its setup. includes unlimited plugins and themes developed by the individual designers and devs. As an outcome, it lets you totally tailor your website and change it to your needs.

Then there is This is a variation offered in three rates strategies. There is also an extremely restricted free plan for pastime bloggers. However, depending upon what you require it for, the free variation can work for you just fine. Otherwise, you can choose a paid plan and after that make repeating payments.

The benefit is the fact that the service provides you both site hosting and domain name hosting in one platform. Keep in mind these 2 need to be organized and paid independently in the other situation.

At you might strike some limitations as you have to fit into a particular plan. On the other hand, the service is simple to handle, and anything can be carried out in one place. You do not need to stress over remembering to backup and update as they’ll manage everything for you.

Inning accordance with skilled opinion, is hands down the better (and the less expensive) platform. That’s the platform which every professional blog writer, small company owner, as well as big-name brand names – like Disney – use.

As a material writer that releases CMS daily, I can advise both WordPresses without batting an eye. Need a more detailed review? Go to WPBeginner and see what pros and cons both services welcome.

Ways to choose your hosting supplier

Once you get the blogging platform out of the method, it’s time to take the next step and pick a domain name and a hosting service provider – unless you picked the simple way and went for

If you opt to utilize for your CMS, you need hosting. WordPress is a genuinely light-weight framework, and a lot of hosts have no issue with running it on their servers.

Since of WordPress’s popularity, the installation process is usually streamlined as many hosting service providers typically use a one-click setup button for your benefit.

Some advised WordPress committed webhosting service providers include:

  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround
  • InMotion Hosting
  • DreamHost

Exactly what is essential when selecting a hosting service provider? Vital aspects to consider prior to you make up your mind consist of:

  • The expense (plus, does it consist of a free domain?).
  • Loading time (speed)- the average loading time for users in the United States, Europe, and Asia over the duration of 12 months.
  • Uptime – what is the typical uptime over the period of 12 months.
  • Consumer assistance – do they have a live chat, help desk, exactly what is the total experience and their typical response time.
  • Security.
Selecting the right hosting company lacks any doubt a necessary choice to make before you start a site or an organisation blog site. Selecting the wrong one can undermine any benefits even the best CMS may have.

A bad web host can have unfavorable effects on your search rankings, wind up wasting your loan, hard work and other resources. It can also eventually affect your online authority.

For that reason, before deciding on a particular webhosting provider, you ought to hesitate and analyze all the elements promoting or against a given service. For instance, you should, by all ways, prevent totally free hosting companies.

Often, such a complimentary service is used in exchange for the promotional link in your website’s footer. This might initially sound reasonable adequate to you, but I would suggest you take no risks here.

The reason behind it is quite simple – complimentary webhosting service providers aren’t dependable. If you are serious about your company activity, you should not save money by this case. A complimentary hosting supplier may exist now, however you cannot anticipate it to exist forever so one day you might simply wake up to an empty 404 page.

This is one situation you do not want to find yourself in. Trust me. Here is a cautionary tale of an author who lost a precious blog site since of a wrongly picked hosting company. tested over 30 various webhosting companies over a duration of 24 months. They collected the needed information and analyzed all these companies throughout the most crucial features and came up with an informative review.

Let’s now discuss choosing your domain name.

Ways to choose a domain to build Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Choosing a domain name is a crucial question when starting any site or blog. Specifically that a lot of bloggers refer to their blogs as if they were their children. So, choosing a domain name resembles choosing a name for your child. It’s a BIG THING.

An excellent domain:.

  • provides people a strong concept of exactly what a website is about,
  • needs to be excellent enough for you to wish to relate to it,
  • defines your business identity,
  • should be brandable- To puts it simply, it must be your brand name or a minimum of correspond to it.

Nevertheless, many blog writers find it difficult to come up with the best name for their website.

There are a few guidelines that will definitely help you act more effectively. Keep in mind that your domain need to be brief, wrapped around a primary keyword, and remarkable.

This suggests that you need to discover a balance in between being unique and basic. Your trademark name shouldn’t be complicated and difficult to remember. It must be easy to type and pronounce.

This doesn’t take a neuroscientist to figure out that the simpler and more specific the name, the simpler it is to remember. You wish to be searchable. So, avoid organisation slang, abbreviations, numbers, and hyphens as they make your domain look lame or suspicious.

Now, let’s talk domain extensions – those short suffixes such as .com, .org, .net and sometimes even whole words like .travel.

Although there are some new patterns to connect your domain names with some elegant endings such as .blog; .live; .expert; .nyc; or .marketing … I would advise you to stick the old “. com” – not just because it is the most recognized and most available TLD however also due to the fact that it possesses the best ranking power in contrast to other extensions.

Design your Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Ok, so now that we’ve got those technical concerns out of the way, it’s time to choose the best design to display the material most accurately. Choose WordPress, and you get an entire plethora of styles of all kinds to pick from.

No matter what style you eventually use (no matter if it’s a premium or a totally free template), keep in mind some basic style pointers:.

  • Keep your website design simple – as basic as it gets. The simplicity lets your words stand apart and make a stronger impression on a reader. That’s why you ought to also welcome white area.
  • Usage easy and basic fonts – the weirder the font, the lower readability; plus, fancy; odd font styles don’t constantly display properly.
  • Contrasting colors – limit your palette to a few colors and use them only when you want to drive considerable attention to something and highlight a specific aspect on your website like CTA for example.
  • Goal – driven style – bear in mind that each page on your website should have a purpose. What’s more, it needs to be a single function. Specify this objective and make sure that the style embraces it.
  • Usage visuals – like videos and images to polish up the look of your blog and make it more aesthetically appealing. Visuals made in-house work best – because they’re genuine. Just ensure they look professional.

When you upload your files, make certain they are high-resolution and not too heavy at the exact same time. Otherwise, they might bump up your page load speed.

Remember that user attention span is restricted these days. If the page load time exceeds 3 seconds, it’s extremely possible that they’ll abandon your website.

Leverage ImageOptim that makes images load faster; eliminates the puffed up metadata and most significantly is totally free.

Add posts, pages and set your SEO Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Next, define the architecture of your info on your blog. Decide exactly what classifications you need to include on it and what tags are necessary. Nevertheless, back it up with solid research initially so that categories and tags are not a simple outcome of your expectations and preference, however they correspond to your primary keywords and follow your content technique.

Discover more about SEO-friendly Website Architecture from Adam Tanguay, Weebly.

Mind that a healthy site architecture follows the Three Clicks Guideline, suggesting that “users must be able to discover any details within a website utilizing no greater than three mouse clicks.”.

Furthermore, keep in mind to add a sitemap and robots.txt to improve the indexation of your site.


Simply for the record, robot.txt is a little plain text file that saved on your server to instruct online search engine bots what pages must be crawled on your website. You can also specify exactly what pages should be omitted from indexing. You can dive into robot.txt details in the MOZ SEO Knowing Center.

Site Map.
A sitemap is likewise an imperative file that needs to be consisted of on the website. It’s pretty obvious: it’s a list of all the pages of your website that are available to your visitors. And these pages must be organized and segregated according to a predefined hierarchy.


Now it’s time to optimize all your pages for SEO utilizing material and keywords tactically.

Remember to complete title tags and meta descriptions all around so that you don’t have bare category pages. Likewise, bear in mind that title tags and meta descriptions will show in online search engine results, so it makes sense to craft them in a memorable method, so they motivate more clicks and boost your CTR.

Include pagination or a ‘load more’ button and a search box that will allow your visitors to navigate through your post and quickly discover even the oldest articles from each classification that you embrace.

Start growing your Affiliate Marketing Blog site.

Once the technical side of your project is done and you are ready to publish material on the blog, develop a thoughtful strategy for the next quarter and set possible yet challenging goals. By doing this, you will be able to review your results regularly and see if you are making wanted progress and assess its rate.

Quarterly strategies are the very best concept to evaluate your blogging results since they are not too long-lasting. On the one side, this makes them more flexible and simpler to change as you go, particularly, when you see that some method is not carrying out as anticipated, on the other side, the research study for it is not that demanding and tiresome as developing an annual blogging technique.

You’ve most likely seen that something is missing out on from this guide – it appears there is nothing about creating the affiliate blog site here! How come?

The process is the very same. The primary difference can be found in when you develop your content strategy and choose affiliate link positioning, and this is exactly what we are going to speak about in my upcoming blog posts.